Port Germein Stories in The Recorder, 1957

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Port Germein Memories

The 73 year-old jetty which was severely damaged in a storm some years ago, had been listed for demolition, as the Harbors Board had no further use for it.
However, following representations from town authorities, who had tourist attractions in mind, the board decided to hand over control of the jetty. A government grant of 6000 pounds has been offered for its repair.


The South Australian Harbors Board will pay in a lump sum the total cost of 6000 pounds for the reconstruction of the Port Germein jetty

This was stated at a meeting of Port Germein Council when a letter was received from the board advising that Sir Thomas Playford (Premier) had instructed that the payment was to be made in a lump sum to the council instead of reimbursement as previously arranged.
the letter added that survey data was being prepared for definition of the area to be taken over by the council and that when this was done and the vesting published in the Government Gazette the payment would be made.
Friday, AUGUST 30, 1957


Port Germein "International" meeting was opened with th National Anthem, "Song of Australia" and the C.W.A. creed followed by the Philippine's National Anthem played and sung by Mrs. Darley, after which Mrs. Pillion (president) welcomed Mrs. Mould (guest speaker), Mrs, Reichstein (Dolling Group president) and members from Crystal Brook, Port Pirie and Port Augusta.
After a brief business meeting the president called on Mrs. Reichstein to give a short talk on Associated Country Women of the World Organisation and "Pennies for friendship."
A group of members then rendered the popular Philippine song, "Juanita."
Then came the most interesting event of the day, a talk by Mrs. Mould, president of the Branch of the Air No. 2. She spoke ofher trip to Ceylon with such feeling and gave such a clear description of everything she saw that one almost felt that she was really there.
Afterward Mrs. Mould showed her varied collection of souvenirs, and also dressed two members, Mrs. Pillion and Mrs. L. Olsen in saris.
A beautiful work basket made by Mrs. Frazer was then presented to Mrs. Mould by thepresident.
Mrs. C.R. Dahlenburg has offered to pack and send a parcel of handcrafts made by Mesdames Frazer and Atkinson to the link in England.
Screens for the Institute have been completed and received bythe Institute committee.
The highlight of the next meeting will be entertainment of elderly women at a Christmas party. Members will later attend the naturalisation of a member, Mrs. Valenti, and her husband, at the Port Germein Institue.
The C.W.A. members are convening afternoon tea and members and friends are asked to bring a basket. This is the first v=veremony to be held in Port Germein and members are very interested.
An apron competition was won by Miss E. gribble and Christmas stocking by Mrs. E. Atkinson, and Mrs. T. Hobart was succesful in a floral contest.
The meeting was closed with the singing of "Song of Peace." Afternoon tea was served at a social gathering afterwards.
DECEMBER 12, 1957

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